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Refund Policies & Procedures

General Policy

Generally, since all of our products are electronic/digital, they can't be returned, as is the case with physical products.

Unless you can give a full accounting of your actions in a customer service request form, we’ll have to enforce the same rules and policies that most other digital product sellers on the Internet use.

Example:  NFPA Refund policy (see "non-refundable items")

Example:  International Code Counsel (see "Return Policy Digital Products")


Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous/unethical people out there who will buy our files and then ask for a refund without ever intending to pay.  We must protect ourselves from those type of dishonorable people.

Customers Who Are Unclear About What They Bought

We want to make it crystal clear to customers that we are not selling “online subscriptions” or access to “online courses”.  Thus, there is no reason for us to program into our web site a page or button titled “CANCEL MY ORDER” for practice exams.  Once you've made your payment, the transaction is over (with a few exceptions listed below).

A “What Happened” Statement

When you request a refund for a digital file, we ask you to submit a “What Happened” statement detailing why you bought a file by mistake or could not use.

Some people get belligerent and offended when we ask for a detailed accounting of why they are asking for a refund.  This is a red flag for us.  The requested accounting is no different than what their bank or credit card company will ask of them.  Some anonymous employee will make a determination as to the validity for you claim.

The bank or credit card company will always ask “Did you resolve your issue with the seller first?” If you lie to the people handling your case, your claim is pretty much D.O.A.  Why waste time delaying your refund when you can resolve your issue with us first?  Leaving it up to the bank usually causes weeks or months of delays.

Authorized Refunds for Files

Where a refund is authorized, we will ask you to destroy/delete the files you received.  Our file delivery service automatically disables the secure link you received in email.

Used Book Orders

In the case of a used book order, the cancellation must be timely.  This means that you must request a cancellation using our contact page BEFORE you receive an emailed tracking number.

We realize that some people may continue to search for a better price, etc. on other sites after placing a book order with us.  Ultimately, after paying a re-stocking fee, you’re not going to benefit in the end.  We’re not Amazon and we don’t have the vast resources that corporate monopolies can access.

Other Exceptions

You will be entitled to a partial refund or file replacement when one of the following conditions exist:

  1. The files you received had content errors (mis-quoted code sections) or wrong answer key values.
  2. The files you received are corrupt (damaged) and will not open on your desktop or laptop computer.

Content Errors & Corrupt Files

If you are claiming that the files you received have content errors such as incorrect code references in the answer key or questions that can not be found in the code book, you will be asked to provide a few of the incorrect questions and/or wrong answers so that we can verify your claim.

Any defective (corrupt) files will be REPLACED AT NO CHARGE.

Lifetime Updates

You are automatically added to the email notifications for updates to your files unless you choose the option to NOT receive them when you download your files.

Your Files Are Out-of-Date

This is determined by the your purchase date versus the date of the last published bulletin.  We do not receive any notices from exam providers (like PSI) about them deciding to change code versions and have to discover this on our own by checking their web site manually.

Sometimes this causes a lag between the time we notice the change and when our files get updated.  We do our best to disable the sale of old files but sometimes that doesn't happen immediately.  In that case, when we notice this, we will notify you that your files are not current and will issue a full refund.

(updated:  4/1/24)
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