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Customer Service

Our primary method of communicating with customers is through direct e‑mail correspondence  using the form provided below.

Our Customer Service Form should only be used for questions relating to our study materials.  Questions relating to such subjects as licensing requirements, reciprocity, bonds, licensing fees, or other such subjects, should be directed to your state or local licensing agency.

As a courtesy, we provide contact information for state licensing and exam providers on our state pages whenever possible.  This information, however, is subject to change without notice.  State licensing agencies and exam providers do not notify us when they make changes to licensing requirements.

While we endeavor to maintain current links for your convenience, it is ultimately your responsibility to locate and/or contact the licensing agencies and exam providers, and have a thorough understanding of all the requirements needed to take your exam.

If you downloaded/received the wrong files or ones that won’t open, please report immediately!

If you’re contacting us because you’ve downloaded your files repeatedly to a phone and can not locate them, please see this info on our “Help” page:

I can not find my downloads

Please use the button below to fill out the request form

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(updated:  6/22/24)

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