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Class E HVAC-R

Apply for the License
Arkansas DOL – HVAC Section
900 West Capitol Ave, STE 400
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone:  (501) 682-9201
Exam Provider
ProV, Inc.
5200 NW 43rd Street, Suite 102-167
Gainesville, FL  32606
Phone: (866) 720-7768
Exam Type
Exam Content
Subject Areas# of
Plan Reading, Estimating & Math10
General Knowledge10
Systems & Sizing16
Law & Administration4
Total number of test questions:
Time allowed (hours):
Scope of Work

Entitles the licensee to perform "Refrigeration" work as defined in Ark. Code 17-33-101 without regard to or limitation of horsepower.  The licensee is prohibited from the sale, installation and service of heating and air conditioning equipment used for the treatment of air for human comfort requirements.

Books Allowed in the Exam
International Mechanical Code, 2021, ICC
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Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (textbook), 21st Edition, Althouse, Turnquist, Bowditch & Bracciano
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Arkansas HVAC/R Law
PDF File Link
Arkansas HVAC/R Rules and Regulations
PDF File Link
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology, 9th Edition, 2020, Cengage Learning
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WARNING:  Concerning reference # 2: on the same Amazon page you will see the less expensive (paperback) WORKBOOK version (not required).  DO NOT BUY without the textbook version.

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